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Jason has more than a decade of experience editing features, shorts, promos, and trailers. His work has appeared all around the world on screens big and small.



Since 2011,  Jason assisted and edited feature length films, working alongside some of the top filmmakers in the industry.  In one of his first features tasked himself at making his own movie trailer for the director and hasn't looked back. He continues to edit domestic and international trailers for companies such as A24, Saban, Highland Film Group, and Voltage Pictures. He has since become well rounded in a variety of post production environments, bringing his skill and experience to every phase of the process.


In 2018 Jason began to expand  into an international trailer company Trailer Jay  and  continues to create high quality domestic and international trailers for company's all over the world. 


If you would like Trailer Jay to become part of your marketing team please feel free to reach out.